hydraulic oil cooler

hydraulic oil cooler In hydraulic systems, energy is transmitted and transfer. During this conversion, losses occur, such as mechanical and hydraulic energy converted to heat. The function of cooling systems is to eliminate this heat. The cooling system includes optimized performance of the cooling components in the aluminum block construction, including air-charging (Intercooler), engine cooling […]

pomkar diaphragm pump

Pomkar diaphragm pump The pomkar diaphragm pump made in by Turkey pomkar company. Diaphragm pumps work based on the diaphragm movement. They also have a one-way valve.  These pumps pull inward materials from the inlet by suction and moving backward of diaphragm. One-way valve closes the outlet. Then, valve acts reverse and push the material […]

Pneumatic solenoid valves

Pneumatic solenoid valves Pneumatic solenoid valves are valves operated by magnetic and electric power. The air flow in the pneumatic system is switched on or off. These changes are done based on the control system command. Pneumatic valves are among the most used electric valves. The use of electric valves is in industrial automation. They […]

Rotary joint

Rotary joint Rotary joint, known as rotary or rotation, allow rotating for parts to be attached. Rotary joint is a device that provides a flood between a constant supply unit (such as a tube) and a rotating portion (such as a cylinder). Authorizes flow of fluids into or out of the rotating sector. Rotary joints […]

Mineral oil cooling for mining

Mineral oil cooling for mining The reason for cooling in computer systems: Computer systems produce heat with the processes that they perform. They use the greater capacity of the processor when the process is complicated, and generate higher the amount of heat. This heat must driven out accuracy, to prevent damage to the system or even circuit […]