Rotary joint

Rotary joint

Rotary joint, known as rotary or rotation, allow rotating for parts to be attached.

Rotary joint is a device that provides a flood between a constant supply unit (such as a tube) and a rotating portion (such as a cylinder). Authorizes flow of fluids into or out of the rotating sector.

Rotary joints are used in numerous production processes for cooling, heating or transferring fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic).

Fluids used with rotary joints include types of heat transfer media and fluid media such as:

Steam, water, hot oil, hydraulic fluid and coolers.

They can also be configured for installed at the end of a single axis or around the axis.

Rotary Joints are the elements that we can find more or less in any industrial environment.

They are elements that used with a variety of fluids and very variable in the range of pressure.

The degree of precision of its mechanical elements is determined by the application that we can find and determine the amount of attention to be desired.

Tachizsanat Co. is the exclusive representative of Turkey’s Rotaseal products. The types of rotary is water, steam, air, hydraulic oil, hot oil.


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