Mineral oil cooling for mining

Mineral oil cooling for mining

The reason for cooling in computer systems:

Computer systems produce heat with the processes that they perform.

They use the greater capacity of the processor when the process is complicated, and generate higher the amount of heat.

This heat must driven out accuracy, to prevent damage to the system or even circuit fire.

Therefore cooling is one of the important components of computer systems.

Miner devices are used to extract digital currencies.

They generate a lot of heat because they use the most CPU power.

So do not extract currency without having a proper cooling system for the Miner.

 There are several ways to cool the miner, depending on the amount of heat generated by the miner:

  • Wind coolers
  • Water coolers
  • Oil coolers

The wind cooling system is a traditional way. Suitable for users who are not professional.

This cooler consists of two parts. One is directly mounted on the processor, called Heatsink, and the other is located at the top of the Heatsink. This cooling is due to the use of several large and small fans, although reduce the heat, but the cost of consuming electricity is high.

The water cooling system is another minor cooling system. This cooling is composed of 3 main parts. Heatsink, which is installed directly on the processor, cooling fan, water pipelines. Cooling fans are located in the tank path or water pipelines that cool the water tank and cool water is directed toward the heatsink, resulting in cooling the processor.

Oil cooling system or mineral oil cooling for mining is the best type of cooling miner used for professional mining. In this cooler is used mineral oil that does not have conductivity. The whole machine can be immersed in the oil and is not concerned about the connection of the device. The benefits of this cooling system include heat transfer, noise reduction and high speed cooling of the machine. This results in greater profitability of digital currency. The system can remain in the mineral oil for more than a year and has no effect on the system hardware.

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